CUSTOM ORDER: Pieced Pink and Orange Linen Kimono


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Pink and orange pieced zero waste kimono – CUSTOM ORDER

One of the problems with zero waste patterns, due to the fact that the pattern pieces are fitted into eachother like a puzzle on the fabric in order to avoid waste, is that it is almost impossible to make different sizes with the same pattern. In order to get around this, I decided to piece two pieces of fabric to make a custom width for the size I needed to make for this custom order. To make it a bit more fun, I also made the curved piecing, to make a feature of the two different pieces of fabric. This way I enlarged the pattern of the black zero waste kimono, while making a design feature of the size difference.

100% washed linen

Finished with french seams on the inside.

This item is zero waste and uses 75cm of each of the colours, so a total of 150cm of fabric. A similar item drafted with standard patternmaking techniques would use about 250-300cm of fabric.

Please allow 6 weeks for this to be made and shipped!!


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